Where Winds Meet Confirms PS5 Release with Trailer & Screenshots
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Where Winds Meet Confirms PS5 Release with Trailer & Screenshots

One of the big surprises from State of Play was Where Winds Meet, a soulslike game developed by Everstone Studios, which reportedly has been in development for about five years, indicating significant effort has gone into it. So far, it has only been confirmed for release on PlayStation 5, suggesting it may be one of the major exclusives.

Where Winds Meet Open-World Martial Arts Game

The State of Play brought us a curious surprise with the announcement of Where Winds Meet for PS5, an open-world game focused on Wuxia, classical Chinese martial arts, and it presented a new trailer.

Unfortunately, not many more details are known about this title yet, but it is clear that it aims to win over all fans of this genre. As expected, there is no release window yet, and from what we have seen, the game is still in development. However, don’t worry because what you are about to see will really surprise you. Weapons, martial arts, action, and danger—all seem to be truly present in Where Winds Meet.

Be Amazed: This is How Where Winds Meet Looks

Where Winds Meet is set during the Chinese historical period known as the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms. This game features ancient Chinese warriors who use martial arts with superhuman techniques. The premise is really interesting, so it is likely to attract a large number of players.

Despite the limited information available, it seems that the story will offer great moments, making this title one of the highly anticipated games for fans of soulslike and RPG genres.


As for the many unknown details, the Chinese team mentioned that there will be a free construction system with 600 authentic components, as well as a role system allowing players to decide their impact on the world. Alongside multiplayer, these mechanics and gameplay elements have few extensive details, so we won’t be able to fully understand what kind of project it will be until it approaches the end of its development.

The State of Play has delivered great news, including the official release date for Silent Hill 2 Remake and, of course, the arrival of God of War Ragnarok on PC. Therefore, it seems that players will have a lot of titles to enjoy this year.

The developers provided beautiful screenshots of the game, check it out!

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