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Wuthering Waves Rover Havoc Build Guide

In this Wuthering Waves Rover Havoc Build Guide we’re going to be covering a dps build, for Havoc version of Main Character. This build focuses on dispatching bosses and and elite enemies as fast as possible, at endgame mode, Tower of Adversity. It has more AOE than say Calcharo, but the main focus is still single target enemies.

Wuthering Waves Rover Havoc Build Guide

Rover is the main character in Wuthering Waves, which you choose (between male and female) at start of the game. You get Rover and all their Sequences (dupes) for free, as in-game rewards. They have five star stats, their ascension materials are also free. So I highly recommend every player to build their Rover, especially at early game while resource are too scarce. Players can’t level up too many characters, or they spread themselves thin. Rover however is the optimal character to level, outside of main team.

The Havoc version obtained at some point in main quest is a pure dps version. And unlike other games, where Main character is merely a decoration, Havoc MC is really a powerhouse. They have cool animation where they floats with their wings while attacking, but also deal potent Havoc damage.

They use Sword, and game have some good free swords to pick from, especially from the five star selector. And due to the nature of Tower of Adversity, that allow swapping gear between different teams; Havoc MC can can share a weapon with another character who’s carrying another team. Danjin is another dps character that uses sword, so you can build both and use one weapon, saving more resources.

Wuthering Waves Rover Havoc Build – Active Skills

Skill leveling Priority: Forte Circuit >> Resonance Liberation >> Basic Attack > Skill > Intro.

Tuneslayer – Basic Attack

Normal Attacks and Heavy Attacks from Basic Attacks is not top priority for Havoc Rover. Reason is, Havoc MC gets enhanced Normal and Heavy Attacks from their Forte. Most of their rotation they spend in ‘Dark Surge’ status, and all their attacks scaling with their Forte.

Player only uses Tuneslayer – Basic Attack to recharge a small portion of the Forte bar. So it’s safe to leave at low level.

Heavy Attacks may also be used to connect to 4th and 5th Normal Attack directly. This is more helpful in recharging the Forte bar.

Wingblade – Resonance Skill

Similar to Basic Attack, the Resonance Skill is replaced with an advanced version through Forte. So leveling skill is up is not important at all.

Though using skill at right time is very crucial for recharging the Forte bar. The skill alone refill 50% of the bar, so it’s optimal to use while the bar is less than half full. Use again while in ‘Dark Surge’ mode, to proc the enchanted version. This deals more damage, but put the skill on long 12 seconds cooldown. So we have to plan our rotation in a way that put this cooldown into consideration.

At S1, Resonance skill gets 30% damage bonus. And at S2, entering Dark Surge mode rests the cooldown of Resonance Skill. So you may use two skills in a row, one normal skill, and one enchanted skill after changing form.

Deadening Abyss – Resonance Liberation

Havoc MC has a massive nuke in their Resonance Liberation. The multiplier on this skill is very high, (up to 1520% at max level). Therefore it’s the second source of damage on Havoc MC main dps build. And the source of damage on a burst build. It give insane damage in very short timeframe, and if planned correctly, enable Rover to be play sub-dps role.

It’s indeed better to use MC in a burst team, with another damage dealer who doesn’t need huge field time. So they add a massive nuke, rather than using a buffer. This is especially true with Verina playing the healer role, since she give team wide buff. Therefore, two dps characters can benefit from Verina buff better than one dps. But even with a normal playstyle, Burst is just a simple damage increase.

The Resonance Liberation costs 125 energy, which is an average cost. To fully charge it in a burst build, you need to plan ahead, and use more Resonance Skill casts, to get energy back. In a normal build though, you cana manage it much easier.

On S4, Resonance Liberation reduces enemy Havoc Resistance for massive 20 seconds. Enabling more damage to Rover and any other Havoc team mate. The Resonance Liberation has 16 seconds cooldown, so in theory, player may keep this debuff up indefinitely.

Wuthering Waves Rover Build – Passive Skills

Umbra Eclipse – Forte Circuit

For Wuthering Waves Rover Build, they live and die with their Forte Circuit. It’s the core mechanic of the build, and it’s the sole biggest source of damage. The skill have everything, self buff, enchanted normal, enchanted heavy, and enchanted resonance skill.

Instead of the standard three stacks Forte that most characters, such as Yangyang and Calcharo has. Havoc MC uses a full ‘Umbra’ bar, that require 100% charging before you can unleash Heavy Attack “Devastation”. This make MC enter a ‘Dark Surge’ mode, where everything in enchanted.

Enchanted Normal Attacks are 5 strings combo, and the main source of dps. Heavy Attacks costs 30 stamina, and can be weaved between normal attack strings. However, the stamina cost and longer animation make them less appealing. Following by a Normal Attack after Enchanted Heavy Attack allow using more versions of Heavy Attack “Thwackblade”. Which is an alternative combo that’s unnecessary complex. There’s also Enchanted dodge counter and Plunge Attack.

Resonance skill is replaced by Resonance Skill Lifetaker, which does more damage. It hits more often than a normal skill, up to 6 hits.

‘Umbra’ can be gained by using any part of Rover’s kit, be it normal attack, resonance skill, or Intro skill. An interesting part about it is also recovering ‘Umbra’ upon using Resonance Skill Lifetaker. So if you have S2, you can strategically use Resonance Skill Lifetaker to extends the duration of ‘Dark Surge’ mode, by regainin some Umbra before it’s totally depleted.

Inherent Skill – Metamorph

A simple 20% Havoc damage bonus while in ‘Dark Surge’ mode. Encourages player to use Resonance Liberation after Heavy Attack “Devastation” and entering ‘Dark Surge’ mode.

Inherent Skill – Bleak Crescendo

In the Dark Surge state, Recover energy every second with Basic Attack. Which helps a lot to use Resonance Liberation on Cooldown, without investing in Energy Recharge.

Rover – Concerto Skills

Intro and Outro skills needs fully charged Concerto energy to cast. They are important to trigger certain Echo Sets bonuses and weapons, And in case of our Wuthering Waves Rover Build, dealing damage, especially with Outro skill.

Instant of Annihilation – Intro Skill

A very simple one hit attack, which is useful for charging Umbra up, and restore Concerto Energy. You can ignore leveling it, as it has low damage modifier even at max level. Your resources yield better gain on other places.

Soundweaver – Outro Skill

Outro skills have fixed numbers, and can’t be leveled up. So Outro skills with good damage modifiers, such as Rover’s, deal a very good damage at early game. All other skills in their kit start at level one, with low modifiers, while the Outro have same modifiers as it would in endgame. So we prefer to use it when applicable.

Havoc MC Outro skill leaves a field that deal Damage every 2 seconds, for 6 seconds. So it continues while off field, but stays in certain spot, and if enemy moves away it can’t hit them anymore.

Rover playstyle and Rotation

There are two playstyles of Rover MC, one is main damage dealer, with prolonged rotation to deal most damage. The other is a quick swap burst dps, where Rover takes minimum field time to deal most dps. In burst playstyle, Rover is used with another damage dealer, and their rotation depends a lot on said damage dealer. Burst playstyle also require Sequence 2 (S2), to reset skill cooldown upon entering Dark Surge mode.

In typical main dps style in Tower of Adversity, Rover enters battle with full energy. Therefore, we swap into Rover ready to use Resonance Liberation. That lead to the following rotation:

  • Enter battle with Havoc Rover
  • Resonance Skill
  • Switch out (Normally, as there’s no Energy for Outro)
  • [Perform Support characters rotations for buffs]
  • Intro
  • Resonance Skill (If your Rover is S2)
  • Heavy Attack “Devastation” (Enter Dark Surge mode)
  • Resonance Liberation (Biggest damage)
  • Echo Skill (Dreamless)
  • Resonance Skill (Extends Dark Surge mode)
  • Spam Normal Attacks
  • Dodge & Counter when needed (Second biggest damage in Dark Surge mode)
  • Resonance Skill (After Dark Surge mode ends, to build Umbra for next rotation)
  • Outro

Echo skill “Dreamless” must be used within 5 seconds of casting Resonance Liberation. That way, it gets massive 1.5x damage multiplier, and contribute a lot to total damage.

Burst rotation is something similar to the start of the default rotation. But don’t do normal attacks and switch out instead. Spend most time on other damage dealer, and keep track on your mind of Rover Resonance Skill cooldown. When you know Resonance skill is ready to use, switch Rover in, use skill, and switch back to other dps.

Wuthering Waves Havoc Rover Build – Weapons

For this Wuthering Waves Havoc Rover Build, gear is a crucial part, and Weapon is a major part of gearing. Rover dps scales with standard Crit, Attack, and Havoc damage stats. So they cares about a weapon with high ATK, and DMG modifier.

Rover uses Sword, which has some high dps options, accessible for free.

Sword of Night – Three Star

Three star weapons are a choice for player who failed to get any four star dps weapon, and didn’t select any sword from the two selectors they get for free. So it’s a clutch choice, until you get something better.

Sword of Night comes with ATK% stat, and extra Attack for 10 seconds after Intro. decent for Burst style, but drops off in extended rotations.

Lunar Cutter – Four Star

A decent upgrade over three star weapons, if you manage to get from pulls. It comes with Highest base attack among four star weapons, and decent ATK%. On top of that, it has an ATK buff that last 10 seconds upon entering battle and killing enemies.

The stacks reduces every 2 seconds, but regained by killing enemies. So on dps character such as Havoc Rover, you keep these stacks fairly high, and get decent ATK boost.

Commando of Conviction – Four Star

The best four star weapon, if you managed to pull from any banner. It have same stats as Lunar Cutter, but its buff is more consistent. It require an Intro, but lasts for 15 seconds straight, which is enough to pull Havoc MC entire combo.

As long as game doesn’t release enemies that drain Concerto energy nor prevent Intro Skill, this sword will stay top four star dps option. Not even Battle Pass weapon can beat it, and only a five star is better.

Emerald of Genesis – Five Star

The best weapon in Five Star weapon selector, and usually the recommended pick among all other weapons. This five star Sword have a Crit Rate stat, which is so rare among all weapons we can get for free. So the dps increase from it is unmatched on all dps sword characters.

On top of Crit rate, it gives Energy Recharge, ATK%, and has very high base attack. Overall, the dream dps weapon, that can be best in slot for even future characters. Just pick it from Five Star selector, and you will never regret it. Only inconvenience comes with the long time you have to wait to hit Union Level 45 to get your hands on the selector!

Wuthering Waves Rover Build – Stats & Echoes

Similar to Relics from Honkai Star Rail, and Artifacts from Genshin Impact, Echoes in Wuthering Waves Rover Build works as gear. We have five slots to equip echoes, but the difference is, we are not strict to use certain echoes in certain slots.

In total, character have 12 points to distribute among Echoes. Meanwhile, Echoes has three grades, Common (1 cost), Elite (3 cost), Boss (4 cost). So the ideal distribution in endgame is (4,3,3,1,1). However, in certain situations, some other setup is possible. Such as using four slots only with (3,3,3,3) in early game. Or using all five slots, but get more Crit stats from (4,4,1,1,1).

Havoc Rover Top Stats

In this Wuthering Waves Rover Build we aim to get these dps main stats:

  • Cost 1: Atk %
  • Cost 3: Havoc Damage
  • Cost 4: Crit Rate or Crit DMG

The goal of Crit stats is to balance a ratio of 1:2 Crit Rate: Crit Damage bonus stats. So something like 25% Crit Rate : 150% Crit Damage (character sheet shows the base 100% + 50% Crit damage bonus as combined 150%. Therefore, you should always remove 100% from Crit DMG calculations when trying to balance 1:2 ratio).

Havoc Rover get a massive 25% Crit Rate in dark Surge mode at S6, and 24% from five star weapon. So with full optimization, Rover can get enough Crit Rate without any main stat. This frees up main stat to get Crit Damage, increasing overall damage by a lot. (something like 70% Crit Rate : 240% Crit Damage is pretty achievable).

For sub stats, Havoc MC need Crit, ATK, Normal Attack DMG, Resonance Liberation DMG, and Energy Recharge. Energy Recharge is there for convenience, but not mandatory stat on most cases.

Havoc Rover Echo Skill

On top of providing main and sub stats, each Echo provide a skill that can be used in battle. Only one skill can be acquired this way, and it comes from the top Echo on the Echoes page. Havoc MC have special Echo that trigger special damage bonus only when used by Havoc Rover, and not any other character. It has lore reasons, due to certain event in main story.

Such an Echo is Dreamless, a 4 cost, Calamity class, that deals damage 6 times. With 50% damage increase when used within 5 seconds of Havoc MC using Resonance Liberation. I don’t recommend canceling this Echo skill until the animation of the very last (6th) attack, so you don’t miss the higher damage part.

Havoc Rover Echo set

Echoes comes from sets, and some echoes capable of rolling into one of two sets. So it adds another layer of complexity to our Wuthering Waves Havoc Rover Build.

The best choice is five pieces Havoc Set, due to high damage bonus it gives. However, you might use hybrid 2x ATK set, and 2x Havoc set, and use 1x flexible slot. This way, you can pick and choose best main stats with best sub stats more easily.

Havoc Rover Team Composition

Teams in Wuthering Waves consist of three characters, and to build Havoc Rover right, we have to pair two suitable companions. Havoc Rover wants to take a lot of field time (In Typical main carry build), doing prolonged combos. So we need support characters that takes minimum field time, and provide buffs to help them. In a burst build, you can rely on another dps that can sustain themselves (Such as Jianxin, or even Danjin if player can dodge every single enemy hit.

A Healer (Baizhi/Verina), or Self Sustain dps (Jianxin/Danjin)

Havoc MC benefit a lot from dodges and counters, and deal more damage. So in theory they can avoid a lot of enemy attacks, and get away without a healer. Their ability to pair with Danjin, who can drain her own HP, but also restore it, give another chance for try hard player to go without healer.

However, the easier way to play is using a healer. Baizhi is the default healer you get upon making one wish on Beginners Banner in Convene. So just slot her and be done with it. She provide a minor heal on using her skill, and she may give some buffs through healer set. But her Outro skill is similar to Verina, and provide team wide DMG buff. She can also use very good Echo skill that give team wide DMG taken reduction another Damage buff.

Verina is a character you can pick from Five star selector, and she’s the best support in the game. She heals much more than Baizhi, and provide buffs on top of that. As the game is giving us two five star selectors, on top of another random character from Beginner banner, getting Verina is inevitable.

A Suitable Buffer

Havoc MC main source of damage as a main carry is normal attacks. And as burst dps, they go with Resonance Liberation as main focus. So the main buffer that can help them deal a lot of damage is Sanhua, which every player get for free upon five days login at launch. She’s a four star, and cheap to build, she also does some decent damage of her own.

At S6, Sanhua gives another team wide, stacking ATK buff. She’s overall one of the best four star characters to build.

Another choice to build would be one of the five star hybrid dps and buffer, such as Yinlin. Even though Havoc MC doesn’t benefit from Electro Damage bonus, they still get the Resonance Liberation bonus. Yinlin also deals very good damage on her own, on-field and off-field. The adaptive style of Havoc MC synergies with her to a good extent. If you pull Yinlin, but don’t have Calcharo, Havoc MC is next best character to pair with her.

Final Tips

Players starts with Spectro MC, not Havoc one. You only unlock Havoc MC after finishing Act 6 on main story. So beware to not invest in Spectro MC skills, because skill level doesn’t carry over between elements. However, character levels and Ascension carry over.

As of version 1.0, the max Sequence Havoc MC can reach is S2, so we still haven’t unlocked their full potential. yet, they perform as good as five star characters such as Calcharo and Encore. At S6, it’s excepted to perform even better, and be comparable to most limited characters. And they will get even better with a proper Havoc support in the future. This is great for a free guaranteed character, making them the best investment in your account.

To get S2, you have to complete some tasks, such as delivering Sonance Caskets to “Chenpi” in the city.

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